Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fridge, Bed, and Shoes

Part of confessions and having a year of no fear is to let it all hang out. To not worry about people judging me for what is in my fridge, what my bed looks like, or what my favorite pair of shoes is. To help disguise some of images in the post I've included pictures of my fridge, bed, and shoes along with Mrs. B's and a mystery contributor whom I sure is loving that she is a mystery but also loving she was included in this post.


Beds: Only a corner shot in one because a husband was sleeping.

Shoes: (one set is a mismatch because someone bought two pairs of shoes at and is trying to decide which set to keep, or trying to convince herself she deserves both pairs.)

What does your fridge, bed, and shoes look like right now? If someone stopped by, a mother-in-law, friend, etc. and asked to see those three things would you be embarrassed? Thrilled? Or run away?


Anonymous said...

All of those fridges look better than mine right now. I keep fogetting it needs to be cleaned out until I open it and then I forget because I get distracted making lunch, etc. Yeah, my bed actually isn't bad, but there's a big mess all around the bed right now. NOw shoes we're okay on. They all look nice and are organized so we're safe there. BTW I like both of those shoes. They're nice different styles so you can justify getting both. :)

Anonymous said...

Fridge...pretty clean
Now shoes....??? In my defense, I have the most adorable 5 year over a lot, who loves to wear my shoes...:)

Kathlene said...

What a cool blog idea!

Bean said...

Thanks Kathlene! If we're going to embarrass ourselves, why not make it public? :)

Jill Walker said...

Don't you love the new Costco milk? It really is easier to pour (they said it would be). I emptied my fridge before leaving town this week, then cleaned it before filling it again this good thing you asked today. Fridge is clean, bed is made, shoes are put away (I spent the afternoon cleaning). Bring on the unannounced guests!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I read through all of the posts and I'm wondering, what about other fears? What about never taking your husband, who LOVES to dance, to a stake dance because you're afraid of people watching you dance and thinking, WOW! she really can't dance. Or what about not standing and doing all of the crazy claps and cheers at pack meetings because you're afraid that you will look stupid, even though EVERYONE around you is doing them. What about not yelling and clapping at the 4th of July parade because you'll feel like an idiot, even though your kids are saying, "clap mommy, it's fun." and everyone around you is clapping. What abot not wanting to go to the town where you grew up, where your dad lives, where your husband's family lives, because you don't want to run into anyone from high school because you've had a few babies and put on some, ok a lot, of weight. Do any of you have some of these fears? oh, and my fridge is ok, no moldy leftovers but I definetly need to clean out my veggie drawers. My bed is actually made today, my husband is out of town so I can. and my shoes are all organized because I had a fit the other day when I couldn't find a matching set and I finally decided to do something about it.

Sunni said...

Oh...I am like the rest of you. I have good and bad days when it comes to fridge and bed, and shoes. My favorite tip for the fridge is to wi[e it out before you load it full of your groceries.
Jill - I am not so sure about the new costco milk. On of my jugs was fine, but the other one was very drippy. I was also told they are very hard to pour in bottles.