Friday, July 25, 2008

Wishin' Accomplished

My husband had a birthday was this week, and we had a lovely dinner out. However, at one point, I realized that this:

was on his plate. (He was a little dumbfounded when I whipped out my camera for a picture . . . or two . . .)

My husband is an adventurous eater. I like to stick with the safe stuff, especially if I'm paying for it, but my husband wishes I were more courageous and always offers me bites of his culinary ventures. So I KNEW I was going to be offered a tentacle or two.

Normally I would politely decline (and then change the subject when he persisted), but the rules of the Year of No Fear dictate that any new experience to come across my or YONF's path has to be tried out (unless it involves things like actual danger or sin or . . . you know . . . sauerkraut). If it's something we've tried and truly don't wish to repeat, we're allowed to pass on it.

So of course he offered, and yes, I bit off a tentacle, which was rubbery and blessedly flavorless. Not as bad as I thought it would be. (Interestingly, this has been the case more often than not with the Year of No Fear.)

Anyway, seafood aside, I was very inspired by this comment left on YONF's last post:

"I read your post and decided not to wish but DO. I quickly
changed into my swimsuit and layed out. . . . "

GENIUS! So here's a challenge: Find something you've been wishing to do and DO it! (You know, something that you can reasonably accomplish . . . nobody's asking you to hop a plane to Venice . . . although if you can reasonably do that, I think we should be friends . . . ) And then tell us about it!

(I'm sitting here trying to think of what my Wishin' Accomplished will be, and wondering how I can do it with all the other things I have to do today, and then thinking about what a hypocrite I am . . . I'll get back to you . . . but I'll think of something . . .)

HAVE FUN! I can't wait to read about it!

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Jacque said...

I'll get back to you. But that can't look any more disgusting. I don't even like to look at it, let alone put it in my mouth. I am excited you posted on payday. It will help with my wishes.

Bean said...

I have always worried about what other people think and have been pretty quite and or "shy". I have decided to make new friends and be more outgoing. I'm going to stop worrying about what people think and just have fun being me!

Tana said...

YUCK! Thanks for the new diet plan. I will have to look at this post a few more times to lose my appetite.

I am getting up at 5am for a while without complaining. I think that's my next project. It does take courage to be out that early with all those paperboys.

Christy said...

I am going to get up at 7:00, hey that'a early for me, my kids typically sleep until 9:00, and go play tennis. I WILL make a fool of myself because I haven't played in years but I really want to play again.

Christy said...

Well, thanks to all of you bloggers I am now addicted. I can't believe that I wasn't doing this before! I love posting, I love reading all of your blogs. I really love the push from the Year of No Fear. I love being able to write whatever I want, because it's my blog. I love venting to the world. thank you so much for helping me to overcome fears, for helping me to start a blog, and for giving me a place to vent. My husband was getting tired of listening to me. And just to tattle a little, I think he is also addicted to reading blogs! At work no less! Sorry honey if you're reading this!

Jill Walker said...

I am the adventurous eater at my house. I'll try anything (almost) once. Except this. YUCK.

No idea what I'm going to wish for and then do. The list of "need to do" is way too long. Maybe I'll wish to ignore it. That I can do!

Christy said...

Wish accomplished but if you want to know if I made a fool of myself you will have to read my latest blog entry.

Laura said...

I am going to a travel agency tomorrow to book a trip to Romania this fall.

There. I said it. Now I have to do it!